Black Out Korea

This is not an uncommon sight in Korea.

Pictured above, a man in a business suit is seen passed out drunk in a parking garage.

Sometimes on the way to work  I will see people like this. One website, called Black Out Korea,  specializes in hosting a myriad of user-submitted photos of locals passed out. They range from subways to restaurants and anywhere in between.

BOK, a mainly Westerner-run affair, has drawn some criticism from Koreans netizens. They seem to not like the ideas that Westerners are mocking Koreans passed out in public places (or maybe its a problem they are not willing to confront).

However, I think they should be taken as a compliment to the general safety and lack of crime in the country. In a lot of other countries with higher crime rates, anybody passed out like this anywhere would be robbed, beaten and taken advantage of. Not in Korea. Everybody just leaves the person alone.

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