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Journalism Portfolio

Since my first semester in high school, I’ve been writing as a journalist in some form or another. Over the last few years especially I’ve taken classes and tried expanding my knowledge and skills through different forms. So, this page will be dedicated to my published and non-published works.

Culture Lust/KPBS


For about six months I was a student assistant at San Diego’s NPR and PBS affiliate. I worked in the the new media department editing stories, maintaining the Web site and posting to social media. When I had some downtime I wrote posts for culture and arts page, Culture Lust. Most of my work tended to focus on tech trends and topics.

Hops Magazine

In 2011 I wrote two short articles for Hops Magazine, an English-language beer culture quarterly in China. The first article The first piece I wrote and took photos for was a beer-battered shrimp taco recipe. The second was a profile of a popular Irish pub in central Shanghai.

The Blarney Stone: Authentically Irish

Cooking with Beer: Beer-battered Shrimp Tacos

The Daily Aztec

Daily Aztec

Features Stories
Opinion Columns

For three years I was a reporter and columnist at the Daily Aztec, San Diego State’s independent newspaper. This is where the bulk of my available content stems from.  Due to my long tenure, I won’t link to all my articles. Likely, just my favorites those published in the last few months.

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism

This was probably the most intense class I took in my semester in Singapore. It was a basic broadcast journalism class where I learned quite a bit of the fundamental for television news. My projects can be seen here in the form of a YouTube video.

Border Stories


This is a semester-long project I did for an online writing and design class. One of my biggest passions is following and reporting on the border. This project includes a written story, and Soundslides presentation and an NPR-style audio report.

Nanyang Chronicle


During my semester in Singapore I was a general assignment reporter for the university newspaper. I wrote a series of articles and columns ranging in topics.