Final Flickr updates and China.

High Shadows on Bagan

Well, I did it, I finished my Flickr updates. I am now completely updated on my photos.  That means I can start to blog about normal things instead of Flickr.

All my photos from Southeast Asia, Tijuana, Concerts, California and South Korea have all been updated, tagged and  put online.

This really won’t be the end though. You knew that, right? Tomorrow I am heading to mainland China to visit Beijing and Shanghai and of course take lots of pictures.  The reason I am taking a trip now, and not during the summer is because Wednesday is a national holiday in Korea.  While Thursday and Friday are not holidays, my students will be taking their midterm exams, so they don’t need me to teach. However, I do have to use a few paid vacation days to go on this adventure.

Invariably, I will have more photos coming up from this event and will constantly be updating m Flickr account.

Until then, here are the remaining photo sets from my adventures in California, Mexico and Asia.

South Korea photoset

California photoset

Tijuana, Mexico photoset

Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines photoset

Myanmar/Burma photoset

Lao PDR and Thailand photoset


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