Kim Jong-il Looking at Things

As you may already know, Kim Jong-il of North Korea goes by many names. His citizens treat him like a god. As a result, many facets of DPRK industry looks to its Great Leader for on-the-spot guidance. This is when Kim goes to a plant or a grocery store and gives his personal infallible guidance on improving quality. How can a man who is the best golfer in the world be wrong!

Anyway, back in March, The Boston Globe‘s photoblog ran a series of photos showing Kim’s on-the-spot adventures around the world’s largest playground North Korea. Inspecting shoes, fish and even neon-colored buckets.

So came the birth of the tumbleblog “Kim Jong-il Looking at Things” which shows of KJI’s on-the-spot guidance with captions like “kim jong il looks at snow.” Check it out.

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