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I talked about a lot of different things in my WordCamp Vancouver presentation, and I want to make sure to substantiated the claims that I made:

GitHub/GreatFire.org DDOS via Baidu Analytics.js – Ars Technica (Mar. 2015), Netresec (Mar. 2015)

State-Sponsored Attacks from China – Bloomberg (Feb. 2015)

WordPress is 24.2% of the entire Internet: W3 Techs

More non-English downloads than English downloads of WordPress: State of the Word 2014

Wuzhen Declaration & Internet Sovereignty: TechCrunch (Nov. 2014), Wall Street Journal (Nov. 2014), The Diplomat (May 2015)

Turkey Blocking WordPress.com – The Daily Dot (Apr. 2015)

Blocked Domains in Turkey – Engelli Web

2012 Russian Government Decree on the Internet: Rg.ru

Trolls for hire, “The Agency” – New York Times Magazine (Jun. 2015)

Russia Banning Memes – Washington Post (Apr. 2015)

Report on the Indian Web – Freedom House, 2014

India’s Fluctuating Web Censorship – Gizmodo [NSFW Language] (Aug. 2015), ZDNet (Dec. 2014)

Vietnam’s savvy Web users – Vietmeme (Jul. 2014) 

Vietnam Social Media – Wikipedia, Asia Correspondent (Jan. 2015)

SmartFilter Unlicensed in Iran – OpenNet Initiative, New Scientist (Jun. 2005)

SmartFilter in the Middle East – OpenNet Initiative, Citizen Lab (Nov. 2013), Slashdot (Jan. 2014)

China Internet Harmony and River Crabs – Wikipedia, China Digital Times, The Economist (Jun. 2011)

Tianjin Explosion Web Crackdown – Shanghaiist (Aug. 2015)

China Social Media Equivalents – Flickr

Jetpack/WordPress.com blocked in China- WordPress.org

Google Fonts Blocked in China – Chinese SEO Shifu

China Hosting Registration/ICP Licensing- Wikipedia

China Discourge SSL – The Verge (Apr. 2015)

96% of Web Traffic is Within China – TechinAsia (Aug. 2011)

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