Blogs to Follow: China Copyright and Media

If you’re looking for up-to-date information on new policy of the web from the People’s Republic of China, I highly recommend reading the “China Copyright and Media” blog from Roger Creemers.

This site chronicles changes to policy and law of copyright and media within China via Chinese-to-English translations of articles from Xinhua and the Chinese government itself. While the content is mostly dry bureaucratic legalese, it offers some great context to the myriad of changes to the Chinese web.

The “About” page of the blog is as follows:

The aim of China Copyright and Media is to be an online resource providing access to and insight in Chinese law and policy regarding public communication. Currently, it contains a blog and an expanding China Media Law Database. In the future, this will be supplemented by topical issue papers and case analysis. This website was conceived in support of a Ph.D. project to research the nexus between copyright law, media control and international trade in China, and has expanded to include the law and policy of public communications and the information society. All material on this site was produced with the support of public funding, and is licensed under Creative Commons, allowing for free use for all non-commercial purposes, on the condition of source attribution.


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