Hollywood Reenactments

While on Facebook a few weeks ago I got an idea from a fellow teacher to have students reenact famous movie scenes. She had her students act “Zoolander”, “Office Space” and “The Jerk.” So , I decided to take the same idea, except I would add existing footage from the originals to put the students “into” the movies. We didn’t have the resources of the other school, or many students, but we did the best we could.

I printed out the shooting scripts for three movies and they practiced the lines during class time. They really got into it.

1. A Few Good Men – “You can’t handle the truth!”
The student playing Col. Jessep (Jack Nicholson) in this scene loved yelling that famous line.

2. No Country For Old Men – “Call it.”
This video was by far the hardest one to replicate. It has long, complex lines and we only had one camera. So, we had to film the entire scene two times from each angle. The girls were a bit stressed out by some of the lines, but I think beginner English skills are a perfect fit for someone attempting to play Anton Chigurh.

3. Thelma & Louise – Ending
The two other movies we shot during the week involved all male characters, so I thought it was important to have at least one scene involving two women. Especially if the two students are very good friends. The lines are short and full of emotion, and I think they delivered.

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