Kim’s Plastic Surgery Will Make You Happy-Pretty!

Seen at Sindorim Station, Seoul

It’s widely known that Korean has the world’s highest rate of plastic surgery. Seeing ads on subway for breast augmentation using emoticons is far from uncommon.

However, the ad above takes the cake for being the most tasteless. It’s enormous and sends the wrong message in an increasingly (and already) image-conscious country.

When I first saw the ad, I took the message as, if you get plastic surgery, you will become a bigger, brighter diamond. However, most of my friends saw it as something more akin to, “if you get plastic surgery, you will get a bigger diamond because you are more beautiful!”

On second thought, I think my friends were right. Either way, it’s kind of sad.

Anyway, a fellow middle school teacher in Incheon has an interesting blog post about Korean plastic surgery after discovering one of her students got the very popular eye-widening surgery:

One of my students recently had plastic surgery…She’s 16 here, so 14 or 15 in the U.S.–9th grade.  She’s one of the “lucky” ones, because her mother works in a hospital..[S]he had her eyelids lifted this summer, and will finish the procedure this winter.

The eyelid-lift is so common in this country (to widen the eyes), that most girls don’t even consider this $800 procedure plastic surgery.

I recommended you check out the post.

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