In Shanghai

Well, it’s been a month I last posted on my blog. I would say mostly because I haven’t been in Korea, or teaching or anything.

A few days ago I moved into my apartment in Shanghai, China. The photo above was take from the balcony of my 24th floor apartment.  I’ve only had one job interview and floundered as I was unprepared for the surprise demo class in the interview.

Over the past month I had quite the whirlwind:

  • Flew back to the United States for three weeks.
  • Took a tour of the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA.
  • Wine tasting in Napa Valley with my parents.
  • Went to Gold Rush-era town Nevada City.
  • Spent five days in San Francisco during Noise Pop Week and saw Best Coast.
  • Tasted some great beers for Sacramento Beer Week.
  • Spent a weekend in San Diego (with a day trip to Tijuana).
  • Flew back to Asia to see old friends in Singapore.
  • Even made a return visit to Korea (to mostly pick up all my bags).

But now I have to begin being a responsible person and look for work. That’s not to say I have been irresponsible, but rather I have to find work, as my visa status depends on it.

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