Notes On A Small Peninsula

Winter Camp students playing against me in Scrabble.

My year teaching in Korea has ended. I am now back in the United States (briefly) before I head back East to look for work in Shanghai. Before I began a long-winded blog post on my final thoughts and feelings about teaching at Geomdan Middle School, I think I’ll post some news links as a bit of a primer to tone of my final blog.

Obviously, given the topics of the links, I should preface by saying that I thorough enjoyed my experience in Korea and its very easy for many people to have a great time. However, most of the links I have posted feel as though they are written by people who have gotten very angry at the system of education and the country itself. I could see myself teaching another year in the country very easily. However, it should be noted that these are simply extreme examples. My sentiments fall somewhere in the middle.

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