New site: Homebrew Shanghai

So, I started a new website: Modeled after Rob Titley’s Homebrew Korea, I plan to create the same sort of community that helped me out during the trial-and-error periods of my own homebrewing in Korea. So far the site is just a splash page and a message, but it’s something nonetheless.

Shanghai’s –and to a larger sense, China too— is almost non-existent.  Korea’s homebrew scene practically looks like Portland, Oregon in comparison to China’s. It’s a difficult task to get supplies and equipment, but I felt that if some sort of online community existed, it might be easier to plant the proper seeds for a homebrewing scene in the city.

The site isn’t just for homebrewers, though. It’s also a place for beer lovers to talk about their favorite hideaway and find a one-of-a-kind beer hiding somewhere around the city.

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