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As you’ve already heard, some big stuff happened over the last week in regards to North and South Korea. I don’t plan on giving a long, boring opinion on the matter because I’m just going to say things that people have already said.

The only thing I’m truly worried about is the devaluation of the Korean Won (KRW) to the US Dollar.  After the Cheonan investigation announcement in May, the won dipped horribly and has only recently recovered. I was excited about getting a big bump in my paycheck when I send money home, but it looks like I’m going to hold off for a while.

One interesting thing, though, is Yeongpyeong Island is one of the subdivisions of Ongjin, a county of Incheon. After going to a school district meeting yesterday, one of the heads of the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education said that students who live on the island are creating some problems for the offices on the peninsula. She said that district is being forced to feed the students lunches and its uncertain whether they are going to be taught in the city, or just wait until they can go back to their homes (and school). I’m going to try get in contact with this head fairly soon to get some solid quotes.

I recommend you check out the Boston Globe‘s recent “Big Picture” post on Korea and some of the links I also posted below:

A shell fired from North Korea is seen on Yeonpyeong Island November 24, 2010. (REUTERS/Park Jong-Sik/Hankyoreh)

Koreans Aren’t Worried About War:

“In all my conversations today, the first thing people are saying is, ‘We don’t want war.’ On any level — human, economic, political — there’s just no appetite for it.” –, 11/24/10

“It’s just life as usual…. Years ago when I was in school, we might have panicked that we were headed for war, but by now we’re used to it,” she said. –, 11/24/10

Change of Defense Minister, New Retaliatory Tactics:

Defense Minister Sacked Chosun Ilbo, 11/26/10
South Korea defense minister ousted; North warns of new attacks The Los Angeles Times, 11/25/10
South Korea Reassess Its Defense After Attack – New York Times, 11/25/10
Military to create new battle manual against N. Korean attack on civiliansYonhap News, 11/25/10
S. Korea considers creating new command for Yellow Sea islandsThe Korea Times, 11/26/10

China’s Role:

Déjà vu all over again with North KoreaForeign Policy Magazine, 11/24/10
China Rebuked For Tepid Stance on N.K. Attack – The Korea Herald, 11/26/10
Chinese Foreign Minister Cancels Visit To Seoul – Chosun Ilbo, 11/26/10
China is loath to condemn North Korea – Los Angeles Times, 11/25/10
U.S. urges China to influence N. Korea to reduce tensions: State Dept – Yonhap News, 11/25/10

US Forces, Yellow Sea Naval Exercise:

Obama sends U.S. warship to Yellow Sea in show of strength as two Koreas teeter on the brink of all-out war – Daily Mail, 11/25/10
N. Korea warns of ‘shower of fire’ over artillery clash – The Korea Herald, 11/26/10
USS George Washington Heads to Yellow Sea to Start Military Exercises With South Korea – ABC News 11/25/10
China: Concerned About Reports US To Hold Military Exercise in Yellow SeaNASDAQ, 11/25/10

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