Confirmed Speaker for WordCamp US

After speaking at seven WordCamps from 2015 through today, I was accepted to speak at the largest WordCamp in the world, WordCamp US! In it’s second year, WordCamp US meets in Philadelphia in the first weekend of December. I will be giving a lightning talk (10 minutes) entitled, “Tales from the Closed Web: Working with WordPress Censorship in China.” It’s more or less a culmination of previous talks and a lot of the content on this site:

China is the largest community of Internet users in the world. However, a complex network of bureaucrats, paid trolls, and digital blockades known as the Great Firewall of China has made it difficult for those on the outside to reach the Middle Kingdom. With knowledge and stories from his experiences working with WordPress for many years in Shanghai, John will explain how WordPress gets censored in China and the considerations required for your site to reach the world’s second largest economy.

This is a huge honor as WordCamp US is the largest of all the WordPress conferences in the world. Other large WordCamps include WordCamp Miami, WordCamp Europe and WordCamp NYC. Last year’s WordCamp US 2015 had over 1,700 attendees, with more than 2,400 people live streaming online. Suffice it to say, I will have a big audience for this short talk!

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