Domain Reclaimed:

When I moved to Shanghai in 2011, I had left a bustling homebrew community in Seoul, South Korea. Many of the people in that club now run bars and breweries in Seoul, too. So, when I moved to Shanghai and saw that there was almost no hombrew community, some friends and I banded together to try to offer as much information as possible to the Middle Kingdom.  Thats when myself, and two friends started While we never had an official meeting, we did have a message board that expats around China used to try to coordinate the acquisition of supplies.

At its height, was linked by an article in the Wall Street Journal on homebrewing in Asia.

After I left China in late 2013, I let the domain expire and it was used by a number of domain squatters and even a Chinese beer site. However, it looks like its previous owners also let it expire, and I jumped on the opportunity to reclaim it.

In the time that that I let the domain expire, I republished a number of articles authored by myself on this blog so people can still take advantage of the info. Much of the original content was lost.

However, now that I’ve reclaimed the domain, I still want people to be able to use the information I initially provided. There’s only about three articles published now, but I plan on using’s Wayback Machine to bring back the articles written by my friends Danny and Jesse.

You can view the few existing articles here.

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