News Consumer, Not Creator

So I’m back from Mongolia! It was awesome. I put the photos up on Facebook. They can be seen here:
Gobi Desert

Just click on the photo of the sand dunes to check them out. You don’t need a Facebook account to do so.

There’s a lot of stuff I want to blog about, but recently (especially after my trip) I’ve caught my self reading way more news than normal. Normally, I spend the firs 90 minutes (of non-teaching time) at work reading the news of the day from around the world. As a result, I don’t write about a whole lot. But, I want to change that. Not read less news, but be better about writing about it: (Case in point:

I don’t blog as much during my down time I work. I just sit there, read, analyze and move on. In the past I would be infuriated by something and write a column on it in the Daily Aztec. However, I’m not in college anymore. I have some topics on hand, so I think I’ll be writing soon (hopefully).

Also, I think I’ll be changing my site’s theme soon so it will be more aesthetically pleasing if I write short, imageless posts on the site (think: Tumblr.)

Anyway, check out the photos please!

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